Cayuga Lake East Shore Monitoring Event Graph

This bar graph reports the raw data for each location that was sampled as part of the monitoring event conducted on this date. To view results for individual water quality indicators, click-off other indicators in the legend at the bottom of the graph.

Event Results

Scroll down to view the event results for each monitoring location.

Location Analyte Value Remarks Location
Salt Point Beach E. Coli 50.0 Colonies/100 ml Lab
Temperature 11.0 C Field
22 Ladoga Drive Chloride 50.2 mg/L Lab
Temperature 13.0 C Field
E. Coli 25.0 Colonies/100 ml non-detect Lab
Finger Lakes Marina Beach E. Coli 150.0 Colonies/100 ml Lab
Temperature 12.0 C Field
16 Ladoga Drive Temperature 14.0 C Field
E. Coli 50.0 Colonies/100 ml Lab
Chloride 50.5 mg/L Lab
Cargill A Temperature 13.0 C Field
Chloride 50.5 mg/L Lab
E. Coli 3700.0 Colonies/100 ml Lab
Cargill B Temperature 15.0 C Field
Chloride 54.1 mg/L Lab
E. Coli 600.0 Colonies/100 ml Lab
Ladoga Landing E. Coli 25.0 Colonies/100 ml non-detect Lab
Temperature 14.0 C Field
Chloride 51.9 mg/L Lab
Myers Park Beach E. Coli 5100.0 Colonies/100 ml Lab
Temperature 10.0 C Field